The Wrap Around Skirt

Hello lovelies! It’s another Sunday and yes, I made it! Another fashion post. Today I am sharing two outfit ideas from1 wrap around skirt. I have been in love with skirts since childhood.

I am feeling quite cultural in my beautiful wrap around skirt. The material is amazingly smooth. And for my first look, I have styled this skirt with a dark blue top and some accessories, a statement neckpiece and some bangles. The outfit is really simple yet very elegant.

Ever wore skirt as a dress?

For the second look, I wore this beautiful skirt as a dress. And I haven’t used any accessory other than a statement earring. So,it doesn’t take the charm away from the outfit. I have chosen to wear Kolhapuri chappals with both of the outfits.

Tip: Throw on a solid coloured blazer and you are ready to wear it even in fall season.💋
I hope that you are joining me now and you are free to express your wish on what you’d like to read about and generally your opinion on my posts.

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liked your blog a lot.. Have a look at mine as well.🙂
I hope you like it.

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