Ludo kheloge?

They met unexpectedly. They became best friends unexpectedly. And they became lovers unknowingly.

For her magic always existed. She was looking for someone with whom she can connect, with whom she can feel those old school vibes and most importantly with whom she can be kiddish. On the contrary, he was not an extrovert. He was a person who had his own goals to complete, whose priority will always be his family. Quite not sure whether he was looking for someone or not. But now when I see both of them together- the only thought comes to my mind is- She was right, magic exists. 

Even if they are not talking, they are talking. Even if they are not together, they are together. How can it be possible, right? I have seen them sitting together in a park, not talking through their mouth but they were talking with their actions or maybe with their eyes. I have seen them walking together almost 50m away from each other yet so close that they feel like it’s a long hug. I have seen them holding hands while they were playing games, maybe it was just a fun moment for everyone but for them a good reason to make another promise to stay together. How crazy is it? How can someone become such an important part to each other? 

By now I am sure, you know it’s going to be a story. A friendship story, a love story, an old school love story or maybe just another story of a boy and a girl.

Both of them used to know each other from a long period, considering them as knowns but not friends. And even after knowing each other, none of them has the guts to come forward and say hi. Until one day, they met unexpectedly at a mutual friend’s home. There were a group of people playing cards but her eyes only got stuck on him, you know boys become more attractive when they speak less. He was the one, he did not say a word to her or to anyone. He was just enjoying the game. Few days passed away playing games only, but the difference was both of them started exchanging a few words. I am not sure by that time if any of them had any feelings, but I am sure both of them at some corner of their heart wanted to be friends. And sadly, none of them had the guts to initiate a conversation.

Few days passed away playing games and with few fun talks, until one day he sent her an image over WhatsApp; and it was a ‘Good Morning’ message. She replied to him as soon as she woke up. The next thing I remember that she messaged him asking- ‘Ludo kheloge?’ And this was the kick start of something magical for both of them. They used to have a series of 50 rounds, whoever wins 50 games first; needs to give a treat. Surpassingly they must have played more than 10,000 games till now. It was crazy watching them fight over Ludo, who will take which colour, who will sit where distracting each other and whatnot. They behaved like some long lost best friends- who were fighting like kids, who were knowingly irritating the other one and with the absence of one during cards affected the other one. 

Slowly and steadily they became so close to each other, in no time. That’s when I saw the real example of the quote- ‘A person in 2 months can make you feel what a person in 2 years could not.’

From not even saying hi to each other to non-stop late-night conversations. From being formally known to a close friend. From wishing festivals to wishing Good morning and Good Night. From not knowing anything about each other to knowing every single detail. From knowing what you do to sharing their dreams. It was indeed the best part of my quarantine days, to witness such a cute love story (which I always wanted for myself).

Pyaar mai bakchodi nhi hogi, toh kaha hogi. So, there was a time when they were not meeting daily and they both felt the distance so much. For the first time, the guy initiated and asked if we both can start going park in the morning? It would be good for us. (Little inside the girl also wanted to see him daily, so she said yes. And here he turned a night owl to morning bird. The magic was happening.) Would you believe if I say- They started playing Ludo in the park? Oh yeah, they did. And even in the park, they both used to fight like crazy. I loved watching them carefree, in their world. Sometimes holding hands, pushing each other, giving flowers to each other, exchanging letters and most importantly they both looked so perfect to me. #touchwood

Things were going as perfect as they can be. She gave him a letter with all the flowers he gave her in the park. It was not a love letter or a proposal letter. Instead, it was a promise letter. A promise of staying together, a promise of not leaving his side. Not only she used to surprise him but, even he never left a chance to make her feel happy. Both of them were sitting on a bench and were playing Ludo as usual. And what I saw was something really strange- the guy gave her a letter written on a leaf, a decorated leaf with a sweet message on it. I can get the whole flashback and her smiling face while writing this here. She was on 7th sky but did not show him. And she continued showing him tantrums that she is not convinced yet and that’s when he kissed her. And it was not a friendship kiss. He kissed her on lips and she was blushing like anything. Did I just forget to mention they even kissed each other on cheeks before all of this happened? 

Before all of this scene, she was his half girlfriend. And after all of this, she became her full girlfriend. I know it might sound a little filmy. But we gotta admit- Love stories should be a little filmy. 

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