Create your own fashion rules

*A confident woman needs no rules in Fashion! She’s here to create own for herself.*
Hello to my blog family! I hope and pray everyone’s doing good. I am sure going a little crazy in this weather!
Now, that the season is changing and summers are back. I thought of doing a blog with one of my recent favourite dress from Sarojini Nagar. So, I decided to create different looks using same dress.

First Look:

For the first look, I paired it up with regular black jeans in 3 different styles:

1. As a long top

2. Tuck in the shirt properly

3. Tuck in only the front part of the shirt, leaving long at the back.
For accessories, I put on dot earrings, neckpiece, hand ring and watch. This kinda outfit looks super cool. Perfect for college girls or for any casual meeting with friends or family.

Second Look:

From a very long time, this skirt is hanging in my wardrobe. And I thought of pairing it up with this neutral color dress. Isn’t it perfect match? This is my favourite Look with this dress. The red neckpiece is doing complete justice to the outfit.

Third Look:

Ever thought of pairing a dress with culottes? I tried it for the very first time while shooting this blog. And I am completely in love with this. Super summery and comfortable to wear. The blue neckpiece and earrings are making the outfit more stylish. I bought them from my last visit to Jaipur.

Fourth Look:

Last one. With the same culottes, I put on the dress as a log shrug kinda thing. You can wear shrugs with everything. (jumpsuits, shorts, jeans etc etc) You just need to style it.

Footwears are same in all the looks. I am completely obsessed wit these boots. You have even saw them on my last second blog post.

I hope you enjoy my blogs and I hope it adds some sort of insite as to what goes on in my head. Also guys, do let me know which Look you loved the most in the comments below.

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You’re doing awesome. Keep this up!
Start some mens’ too!!✌🏻️✌🏻❤️❤️

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