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Ludo kheloge?

They met unexpectedly. They became best friends unexpectedly. And they became lovers unknowingly. For her magic always existed. She was…


The wanderlust soul

You can see all the hardwork in the content that she creates! Love her work ethics, plus she’s such a fun person to be with! Just love how she pours her heart in even the smallest of thinking!
I strongly believe she will be very very successful in her field!❤
Keep going my Girl!😘

Tainted perfection

A charming personality and a really good person to work with, Stuti is an amazing poser & collaborating with her for shoots has always been a delightful experience because she is always up for trying out something new.
She never says ‘no’ to anything when it’s about a pose because she has a desire to give the best to her audience in terms of a quality picture.

Full time Blogger and Content Writer

Swagitup – this name truly suits her and yes she is a swagger. Stuti is so passionate about her work. Not only she is a great blogger but also a sweet person from inside out. It’s great to work with her on our youtube channel.

Team Trinkets

We always adore your work and we appreciate your effort for every blog you creat. You always rock in our accessories.Looking forward for more association.
Much love ❤

Tanmay Dey

A great human as in person and also in field of work. The most calm and sorted blogger I’ve ever met in my life(till now). She equally trust the other person she’s working with and allows them to do their best without any justifications.
Always been a fan of her work. She will stand out of the crowd in the coming future, for sure.
Much love❣

Manjit Singh

Stuti is truly a self starter with so much enthusiasm and passion for what she does. Getting here was surely not an easy thing to do, but she is nothing but true essence of hard work and positivity. With every new project that she takes up, she puts life into it. It is amazing to be a part of her journey and see her reach heights.

Sakshi Sundriyal

Stuti is an amazing blogger. From Her fashion sense to those perfect musically, they all are worth watching to make your day.
Her blog Swagitup, is her dream and it feels so good to see my fellow bloggers growing. Her willingness to work and learn is something that makes her unique and special. Along with an amazing Blogger, she is a beautiful soul as well
Way to go Stuti
much love and more power to you

Shreya Mahana

I have been following Stuti’s blog for quite some time now. Big eyes and a very captivating smile is just a few other advantages with the kind of content that she puts on her blog. I believe her blog is a comprehensive guide to people into fashion from different age groups, style statements and body types. She definitely doesn’t shy away from experimenting and definitely has a long way to go. All the best Stuti 🙂

Rupali Aggarwal

Ever since you were a little kid, I always knew you would become successful later in life, and now I am so proud of you girl…. You build your own foundation….Keep it up…. Congratulations 🎊

Vihang Jain

A charming young girl with a sense of class and an eye for fashion. Stuti’s blog is an inspiration to all the young girls out there to convert your passion into career. Needless to say she is a fashion icon in the making.

If she is not obsessing over fashion and glamour, she finds time to brush up her acting skills. Take it from me she is outright entertaining.

Well done Stuti. Follow your heart and chase your dreams because there is nothing that can stop you!


Stuti is highly self-motivated, hard working and driven person who brings immense energy to any creative project she undertakes. At Marsplay, she progressively took more and more responsibilities with time and established herself not only as a leader but also a great problem solver. She has the most unique and creative solutions to every problem which makes her a great asset to any organization.

It has been nothing but pure pleasure to work with her. We have hardly come across anyone with this kind of unparalleled passion towards fashion, styling and everything else creative. Wishing her the very best for all her future endeavors.

Shreya Dalela

Stuti is an extremely creative individual with a huge passion for fashion and styling that reflects in every single project she undertakes. In all her collaborations, she works hard to bring out a unique artistic sense that reflects her individuality. Just by scrolling through her feed and her blog, I got an idea that she puts a lot of heart and effort into all the content that she creates. In the current times, when it’s hard to find people who have their own authentic sense of styling, she is one of the few people who bring that out perfectly.
Another great thing about her is her optimism and never give up attitude towards her work. She is not the one to settle and is willing to venture out into new domains which makes working with her, a truly great experience.

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